Sunday 31 July 2011

15mm Fantasy

Sorry for the delay the real world and work have interrupted my postings. Here are just some 'action' scenes from the Black Powder fantasy game we had many weeks ago.
Since then I have had my first game of Hail Caesar and really enjoyed it, I feel it will transfer well to the fantasy mass battle field, I should not be surprised by this due to it's origins and author!

In future posts I will put up pictures of my latest fantasy project, 15mm Dwarves and also add the HC stats I have come up with. As always comments are welcome and any thought on the stats would be appreciated.

The Goblins go in, a strong line of giant spiders supported by the goblins best infantry. Unfortunately they never actually made it in to contact with the enemy so they have yet to test their metal or should that be fur!!
This was the scene on the Orc and Goblins' right flank, the mosquitos came out of the woods, they were surprisingly effective! But they should be as the models are lovely! lol
The village was one of the objectives in this game, fliers could not 'occupy' the village but it gave the Uruk Hai food for thought!
As above but from my glorious Uruk Hai side!!

Last pic shows the Warg Riders (Eureka minis from Fighting 15s, lovely!!) charge home against the skeleton line. This was a successful action giving the Wargs plenty of fresh bones to chew on in celebration.

That's all folks! Next fantasy battle report will be using Hail Caesar rules!!

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Clash Of Evil, The Skeletons!

Here we have the skeleton hordes that Al used against me. They used to belong to me but I sold them on when my other 15mm Fantasy armies began to take over.
They are a mix of Essex and Ral Patha, I am not sure who makes the bohemoths but they are nice.

The cavalry backed by two bohemoths, a powerful right flank. The figures are from both manufacturers.
The infantry centre supported by fliers, the fliers are old GW I think? The infantry are Essex and may be Tin Soldier?
A better view of the bohemoths.
The right side of the field.