Tuesday 13 December 2011

Yet More Dwarves!!!!

More Dwarf firepower, they love their guns! This time Blunderbuss......really don't know how to do stats on these for Hail Caesar Fantasy or Hail Sauron as it is being called now!
They will obviously move as infantry but probably shout at Light Artillery ranges with arquebus factors and will not be allowed to shoot and move due to loading time.

Ok the latest addition to my Dwarf army, three pieces of Dwarf engineering to blast their foes to their own vile gods!
Not sure if these would be light or medium artillery but they sure will pack a punch!

They are Demonworld miniatures, now re released by Ral Patha Europe and I am very happy to see them once more. The models are very well done and a joy to paint.

Three banks of multiple barrels ensures a continuous stream of lead flying at the enemy and they can keep up with infantry to!
More multi barrel madness, this time a mobile gun platform that can in any direction every round and still march with the foot!

Thursday 8 December 2011

Empire of the Blazing Sun Supports!

Two more squadrons join the ranks of Al Cox's Dystopian fleet. Destroyers to add some extra firepower and the diminutive escorts to protect his capital ships from roaming bands of tiny flyers. We shall see how well they work when he get's them on the table.

Monday 5 December 2011

Reinforcements For The Empire of the Blazing Sun

The latest addition to Allan Cox's(Plymouth Association of Wargamers) Dystopian Wars Fleet. Again a wonderful model from Spartan Games, very well detailed and molded model. A dream to paint.
I have also done some Destroyers and Escorts for Al's fleet, pictures to come...