Friday 20 February 2015

LOA Danish Foot Guards

Another 55 figure, no pike regiment for the allies.

The Danish Foot Guards, a well used and reliable regiment.  the are resplendent in their 'golden yellow' coats.  I have done the Officers and musicians in reverse colours as that is what I have seen on other blogs.

I do like the way this regiment has come out

Punic Wars Roman

Two more units of my Punic Wars project.....

This is a unit of Triarii, the most senior legionaries in the army.  In this period they were armed with thrusting spear not pilum.

The cavalry or Equestrians, a small body of mounted men recruited from the richest families in Rome.  each legion normally had only one unit of Equestrians.

Martian Front BEF Infantry

BEF infantry section, these should be 10 man section on one of their long straight bases, however I think they do not look right all lines up as on parade so I experimented with FOW medium bases and I much prefer the look.

The 8 man section, including the heavy weapons guy.  The sculpts are great the gas marks are a nice took and the models paint up really well!

Close up of the heavy weapons guy.

The other fire team.

And below is a size comparison picture, AQMF BEF and FOW Soviets, as you can see they are much bigger at 18/20mm

AQMF Vehcile Selection WIP

Ok, I am just going through the box of unmade and unpainted BEF troops.  I selected a variety of vehicles as a test run.

Some of the models can be quite fiddly to put together and as all good gamers do I ended up sticking my fingers to the models! 

But here are some WIP pics...

Here we have L-R Mono Tank, Specter Armored Car, Kitchener Tank (The Specter was a pain to fit together!)


Kitchener and Mono tanks base sprayed Army Painter Desert and then dry brushed FOW Sand

Defiant Armored Car next to the Specter, the Specter is the nearest model to actual 15mm scale.  These are defiantly 18mm scale models

Martian Front, a cautionary tale.......

Ok so I did my first batch of Alien Dungeon BEF vehciles.....spray went on well, highlighted, detailed and the given a good coat of Army painter Dark Tone......left to dry for 24hrs then applied the Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish.......


Not impressed......

So had to strip it and start again

Sunday 15 February 2015

All Quiet on the Martian Front

OH NO!  Not another new project.......well this one is a PAW collaboration and I get the pleasure of painting up the British Expeditionary Force.

I have resisted the green army theme and gone for the 'desert' look, no particular reason other than I like it and the Yanks are painted green!

So the initial WIP 

Above we have the Defiant Armoured Car.  The models are quite nice the usual flash lines associated with resin casts and a piece of the metal additions was missing.  There should an engine grill on the rear deck but I suppose it does not affect the look too much. 

This is the Cardigan Infantry Carrier and it is a big model.  The resin cast was better than the Defiant.

I'm looking forward to painting these models, finally!

Roman Hastati!

The first major part of my Punic Wars Roman army has been completed.  I fought through the basing, which is my least favorite part of the hobby!

Here are 192 Hastati, divided into 4 Legions each legion has 48 Hastati.  As you can see I have gone for four different shield colours Red and White will be the Roman Legions whilst the Blue and Yellow will be the Allied Legions

A little closer, the War and Empire figures are very nice with plenty of variety, I think there are at least 6 different legionaries, including two with swords.  

A rear view and as you can see there is plenty of colour.  I have gone with the school of thought that the self equipped legionaries would have been in a variety of smocks.  I have chosen 5 colours white, red, blue, green and yellow.

As you can see they make a very pleasing sight!

Continuing the theme the Principes will have the mix of coloured smocks but the Triarii, in the Roman legions will be all the same colour as will the cavalry.  I may still mix th smock colours in the Allied legions.

Only 192 Principes, 64 Triarii and 48 Cavalry to do!

Sunday 8 February 2015

Punic Wars Roman

This is what 192 Roman and Allied Hastati look like.  They are all painted and given a good coat of Army Painter Dark Tone, also they are based into their four 'Legions' Red and White shields are Roman.  Blue and Yellow are Allied.

Next up is my least favorite part of building my armies, the basing!!

Tuesday 3 February 2015

LoA Danish Regiment Fynske

The latest LoA regiment to roll off the painting table, the Danish Regiment Fynske.  I have done them in their green coats, later in the war they switched to grey but I thought green would be more fun!

I have also added a medium field gun only because I read the gunners' wore purple who could resist!
I will also paint up a second Danish Regiment, these will be the foot guards.

15mm FOW Soviets (comission)

More anti tank guns, these are the 100mm mosters, surely a pain in the butt for any Panzer commander!

Artillery command element, on terrain base, also the obligatory Commissar to ensure correct Soviet doctrine!

An objective marker or just a piece of terrain....a knocked out Soviet light tank