Sunday 17 April 2016

28mm Kings of War.....a start!

KoW a Start
 I am really keen on fantasy mass battle.  I have tried a couple of supplements to historical rules but why enjoyable to play there was always something missing.  Then last year Kings of War version two came out on Kickstarster, I signed up and I am impressed!

Up until now I have played in 15mm as I have large armies belonging to several factions in that scale and I really like it and love the mass effect of hundreds of figures on the table.  But I am in a minority, especially at my club and most guys play in 28mm, so I thought I better get a start!

 I bought a load of old GW chaos figures off of EBay, I did get some good deals there!  Touched them and then multi based them.

I was happy with the look I had achieved for little effort but then I happen to see some You Tube videos! 
I found videos by a guy called Luke Fellows, Luke APS on You Tube, who has made some very good videos on how to produce very good and cheap multi bases, that to be honest put mine to shame!  So when I get home I will be rebasing all my units and making Lke APS style bases!  Good job I have not done many units.....

But that aside here are some more pictures of the Vangarian Warriors...I do like these! 

Warriors 1

Warriors 2
There will be more to follow once I have got home and once I have redone the bases!