Thursday 21 January 2016

Napoleonic (Mine) Army of Westphalia

Just a quick post, sorry about the picture, of the first unit of Westphalian infantry.

These represent 2nd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, this regiment was part of Damas' Brigade, 23rd (Westphalan) Divison, Eighth Army Corps.

I hope to have the whole brigade completed by the end of January, that will be 4 battalions of line and 1 of light infantry.

Napoleonics (Commission)

The painting for 2016 has begun....I begun with Napoleonic commission work, 

Started with French limber markers, these are commission paints and the guy only wanted two horses, personally I prefer a four horse limber.

These two pictures are  casualty markers (commission), they will be used in Black Powder.  
I also have 19 standing casualties in the offing.

2nd Battalion of Nassau for 1815 (commission)

All figures are Old Glory 

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Wurttemburg Cavalry

The last of 2015 painting efforts.  Two regiments of Wurttemburg Cheveauleger.

Leib Regiment

Prinz Adam's Regiment

The figures are Old Glory, the bases are pre-magnatised MDF I buy from Tony at TinyTinTroopers, a great product with great service.  Highly recommeded.

The allies of the Grande Armee of 1812 is a massive project but I do love the diversity and array of countries and uniforms involved.  I have just started on the Westphalian infantry.....all 22 battalions of them, thats just shy of 500 infantry figures.....yes I am mad!

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Napoleonic. Russia 1812 French Allies

The latest of another crazy plan of mine to build the French allies in the Grande Armee.

These were finished and added to the 2015 total but I have only just had a chance to post the pictures.

Above are the heavy cavalry contingent of the Army of Westphalia

The 1st Westphalian Cuirassier

 The 2nd Westphalian Cuirassier

I am not quite sure about who make the cuirassier, I think they are Fantasan.  They are nice but I prefer Old Glory.

Below is a light cavalry regiment, the Wurzburg Cheveauleger.  Wurzburg was part of the Confederation of the Rhineand contributed an infantry and cavalry regiment to the campaign.

These guys are Old Glory and were great to paint.

The way our club base our cavalry can be seen above.  12 figures on 4 bases for heavies and 8 figures on 4 bases for lights.  It makes for very easy recognition on the table.

Last Of The Legion

At last I have finally finished a project.....well I finished these at the end of 2015 and when I say finish I still have the generals bases to complete.

The army consists of 4 'legions' each of 3 units of Hastati, 3 units of Princepts, 1 unit of Triarii and 1 of horse.  A very good size consular army.

I am contemplating adding elephants or I could just use the ones I have in my Numidian Army.

All figures are WestWind War and Empire and they are just great.....

Monday 4 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hello One and All

Welcome to 2016, I hope Santa was good to you and left plenty of toys and toy related goodies!  Mine are in the form of Kickstarter pledges soI dont actually get to see them until later in the year :-(
So what for 2016......I would like to make a resolution that I will not start a new project until I have finished the last...... IF ONLY!  If only I were that disciplined lol

But I did finish my Republican Roman army, just shy of 600 figures last year.

Painting for 2016.......

Finish off 15mm Spanish for Punic Wars
Finish off 15mm Gauls for Punic Wars
Finish off 10mm League of Augsburg, both sides
Finish off 10mm ACW, both sides
Continue 15mm Napoleonic Allies for 1812
Continue 15mm Fantasy, too many sides lol
Start 10mm SYW, Prussian, Austrian, Russian and 'Palantine'
Start 28mm Kings of War Fantasy Armies

That takes care of some of my lead/plastic pile but I do have a completely unpainted 15mm First Crusades Crusader army and a Protestant 30YW.....

But I dare say I am no different from many a wargamer out there and whole heartedly support the theory that a true gamer never finishes off  his lead mountain!

I hope to put pictures up soon of the stuff I finished off just before the New Year.  Thanks for visiting....