Thursday 28 October 2021

15mm Napoleonics-Swiss and Italian

 A long time project, slow burn at times but having a little resurgent at the moment. For some crazy reason I want to try and collect all the allied formations of the Grande Armee of 1812, I know what a stupid idea..............

I have painted or should I say touched up two battalions of Swiss and two battalions of Italians.

I bought these figure ages ago from Mark at Stonewall Figures from Newquay

Mark is a great guy and has a great range figures and models of many ears, check his stall out when you see him at the shows

These are some of his battalion packs they come with a 'wargamer' leve; paint job and are very good value.

I touch up the paint, add a wash and then highlight so that they fit in with my existing collection.  It certainly does speed up collecting a project and I need all the help I can get.

So the work in progress, painted but not based.

Below is the 1st Battalion, 2nd Line Regiment.

Now 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment

The two individual figures out front will be the designated skirmish base.

I'll post completed pictures once home.


  1. Hardly a stupid idea; the numbers of my French Allied troops are legion. No Swiss, as yet, though, aside from the Neufchatel battalion!

    Anyway, these are coming along mighty fine~!

  2. Thank you,
    4 battalions of Swiss done
    Italian 2nd Line Regiment completed, all 4 battalions.

    Now just need to base them