Saturday, 3 July 2021

15mm Fantasy-Undead

Now this new army, these are my test bases are a new avenue for me on several fronts.  The figures themselves are 3D printed resign figures.  The design is Forest Dragon in the UK printed for me by a very nice man in France.  As I live in Portugal the shipping and tax costs from the UK are a little high at the moment. 

The figures themselves are great sculpts, up-sized from 10mm to 15mm.  The detail is fantastic and the poses are wonderful.  The figures I bought came in strips, which I regretted as as i tried to crop a few away I did have casualties, the horsemen are meant to have a standard bearer but he did not make it lol  Next time I will order individual prints which is a service that both Forest Dragon and my printer offer.

The second is the painting, I tried Games Workshop Contrast Paints for the first time.  The skeleton bone, black and most of the red are all Contrast.  To be honest when I first applied the paint I was not convinced but once the models were complete i think it works rather well and it did shorten the painting time.

The trial batch I ordered in full.  Basing will happen once I am home.

   Two main stays of the army Skeletal warriors and Reavers.  I left these on the strips with overlapping figures.  

Some Zombies in the foreground     


The Zombies in all their glory, the variety and animation is great.

Skeletal Knights...Great figures very 'alive'.  I have painted the barding and shields in Old Warhammer  World livery to represent resurrection of their former selves.

Wraiths....all in black and heavily armed! 

I must repeat these figures are stunning and I really enjoyed painting them.  Forest Dragon do so many great races and they are expanding....I am sure a lot more will fall into my collection.

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  1. They look amazing, I really have to print mine!