Thursday, 14 November 2013

And Breath................

Ok that is all for now.  
I am sat in the lounge at Dubai Airport on the way home to the loving arms of my family :-)
Once home painting time will be all but non existent, although I may be able to sneak in a game or two.....But.....
I will be back at work in a few weeks and the painting train will be back on the tracks.....I think I will continue of the Fantasy theme as I have really enjoyed it.  In the pipeline are more for the Stygians, The  Demonic Hordes, may be some humans and more Orcs and Goblins of course.
Oh and if I can may be a start on the Barbarians... but we shall see.

Please do feel free to post comments or links on any forums you may think of interest.

Feed back is always appreciated both good and bad although if it's too bad I do have a hefty horde of battle hardened Trolls to send after you.............

Big 'Uns!!!!!!

Ok the last batch of this posting marathon..........

 Not sure who these represent on the field of battle but I was thinking due to their look may be a human ally or the devil worshiping Stygians?
 Who ever they fight for you are going to wish you were on their side!

Trolls.....not really a lot to say about these bad boys apart from they are Trolls and do Troll stuff........
 But unlike the trolls of Hobbit fame they do not turn to stone when hit by the first rays of the sun...
 Again these guys to fight for various armies and will add a little extra to their battleline.

Different but the same Trolls.....but these ones suffer from 'Gingervitus' so may be these will be seen in the company of the Barbarians who will surely have a strawberry blonde mane?
 If you cheek their teeth out they all need to visit the dentist.....

All these guys are from the Demonworld range, I think I should have bought the molds would probably been cheaper!

And what you see above is 6 separate units, each of 2 bases.  They are just placed together for the ease of photographing.

Black Orcs

The real 'Stormtroopers' of any Orc and Goblin Horde these Black Orcs are big, well armed and just a little pissed with anything that is not Orc, even some poor goblins have ended up on the wrong end of a Black Orc BBQ skewer.........

The first out of the stock-hold  is a unit of Black Orc boar riders, big beasts on big beasts, ideal for smashing headlong into an enemy front line.

Now we give the big beasts on big beasts big, pointy sticks.  Surely these would cause havoc to any mounted foe that happen to be unfortunate enough to be on the sharp end!

'Arras' not really a Block Orc weapon a choice but it's good to have options or so the Warboss thought.

Lastly 3 bases of brutes that actually get to grips with their dinner, i mean enemy.
 An excellent choice for any raving mad Warboss when it comes to sheer force of arms.

These are Blood Dawn figures and are lovely, yes very big for 15mm but it's fantasy and in this case size does matter!  
I am now growing a healthy tribe of Black Orcs and can't wait to let the off the leash soon!

Mine Mutants

I posted some poor pictures of this first unit.  A 4 base large warband unit of Mine Mutants, the twisted populous of the Stygian pits whose bodies have been twisted and deformed by the warping minerals they excavate for the alchemists of Stygia

 These are actually Demonworld figures from their Goblin range but I thought they would be just right to add a little variety to my Stygians, as I have plenty of Orcs and Goblins.

This is the second of the large warbands, although there are only 3 bases in the picture I do have the figures for a forth, I just run out of bases.....however you will have to trust me they will be on the table ready to do battle soon(ish)

Goblins Horde!

To start with 6 bases of Goblin warband.  These form part of the green tide.
There are 60 figures here all from Pendraken 10mm range but it's not all about size, in this case....

 A unit of Goblin Crossbow lend some much needed missile troops to the horde.
 And finally two units of boar riders, both riders and mounts warned!

All feed back and comments welcome!

Acolytes and Warg Boss!

2 units of Acolytes...these fanatics pledge themselves to spreading to word of the Stygian Gods to all unbelievers....They carry their Green Book (Yes I was in Libya!) into battle with the belief that their devout following of the faith with preserve them in battle!

They could even double up as human followers of one of the Chaos Gods to bulk up may Chaos armies. 

A Warg Warboss and his personal standard for my Eureka Warg Riders, a very nice range.
The 'Man Orcs' are very LOTR film looking and are great....check my other posts out for them.

Spiders, Pump Wagons and a Boss

Ok so the pictorial brake down.....

Firstly the Giant Spider, I love this Demonworld model, in fact I love it so much I have 4.  This one has been made so it can be used as a Warboss.

 The frontage of these colossal creatures is twice that of a normal unit, so that is 160mm long and 80mm deep.
 They are however very tough as well as surprisingly agile, despite it's size and undoubted power it treats woods and rough ground as normal going enabling a nasty surprise from otherwise quite secure sectors of the battlefield.

Orc Pump Wagon
A Demonworld model, I do love their stuff!
A dastardly construct from the mind of the Orc metal smiths and shaman fire makers. 
 It is a mobile piece of field artillery with the added bonus of ignoring defenses such as walls, hedges and field fortifications.
 The trumpet like barrel spews forth a sticky, flammable substance similar to Greek Fire.
It is a weapon that will cause terror in even the hardiest of knights!

Orc Warboss
More Demonworld
One of the many fierce Orc Bosses

5 Weeks Work

Ok, I have had a few complaints about the size of the photos in my last few posts, hands up my my defense I am and techo I have taken real photos and hopefully they will com out  presentable.

So first of all a group shot.  This little lot have ben painted whilst I was working overseas for 6 weeks and represents about 5 weeks work, although I obviously had to do some real work as well.......

Ok so what is crammed into this very busy picture?

24 Trolls-Demonworld
1 Giant Spider-Demonworld
8 Ogres-Demonworld
19 Goblin Boar Riders-Pebdraken
16 Black Orc Boar Riders-Blood Dawn
24 Black Ors Warriors-Blood Dawn
14 Black Orc Bow-Blood Dawn
60 Goblins-Pendraken
22 Goblin Crossbow-Pendraken
24 Orc Crossbow-Demonworld
72 Mine Mutants-Demonworld
48 Acolytes-Demonworld
2 Warg Riders-Eureka
1 Orc Warboss-Demonworld
1 Orc Pump Wagon-Demonworld

A grand total of 2 Specials, 32 large foot, 37 mounted and 258 foot........

Not a bad total I feel