Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WIP More Ottomans

Four more images of my ever growing Ottoman Army.  

The infantry are 'By Sword and Fire' Jannisseries, I now have 4 units of these

The guns and crews are Vexillia (I think)

A unit of light horse

As is my style they were base coated with a white coating then block painted.  Then once dry they had Army Painter 'Dark Tone' brushed onto them.  They would not win any painting awards but they look good enough to game with, especially once they are spray coated in a matt varnish.

Crusader Commission

These are the latest batch of a commission for Mickey, a PAW member.  Some Arab light cavalry.

They are a mix of Essex and Mikes Models, whilst not quite the same size Mickey was very happy with them.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Napoleonic Commission Work

Ok the last batch of the Napoleonic commission from Al at PAW.  a few British units and some generals. 
Not much to say about these, apart from they have boosted my interest in Napoleonic s again (damn). But I will be disciplined and wait until I have finished my Maurice SYW and ACW Confederates.

Friday, 17 May 2013


Just to show that I have been busy, here are some of the painted an washed figures.

These guys are my Ottoman cavalry, they are Venaxia miniatures and are very nice, on the larger size for 15s but good non the less.  The weapons arms come separately and there is a choice of lance, sword, mace or pistol so a good variety of poses can be made

These are my Jannisseries, I have done 3 of 4 units so far  The models are from the newish Polish company By Sword and Fire. They are lovely models look very nice.  They have the advantages of coming with precut metal bases (FOGR sized) and standards.  My only worry is they can be a little weak at the ankles so you have to be careful.

More pictures once they are based and matt sprayed.

Last of the Spanish WIP

Ok so here are the last batch of Spanish Cavalry and mounted command.  They are the kast of my Spanish army.  The basing will be done once I get home.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Punic War Collection....well Part of it

Ok here is the Spanish Army, so far, with a little Punic assistance.
On the board is 272 foot and 50 mounted.  All figures are Corvus Belle, they are great minis and a joy to paint.

Punic infantry, listed under FOG as medium infantry but I have done these in 4s as the are drilled and I will use them as heavy infantry under Hail Caesar.  I have 3 units of these.

 Punic cavalry, not sure if they be shielded or unshielded but I am happy with the way they are.

Spanish Scutarii, I have 8 warbands of 6 elements or 6 warbands of 8 elements depending on which way you want to play them.

Catrati light foot, there are a lot of these in the Spanish army.

Slingers, Baleric or otherwise are a main stay of the army.

Cavalry, 'long shield cavalry' as they are called.  Two and a half units present and another one and half unit painted and ready for basing once I get home.

On the right is the light cavalry, there will be a total of three units once completed.

The Spanish are very close to completion, I am in the process of painting up the last 25 mounted figures to make up the light horse and command elements.  Once completed they will be second army to my Punic collection as I have already got a good sized Numidian army.

I have about 8 warbands worth of Celt-Iberians to do but they will be done as a separate part to my Spanish army.

Next up will be main Punic part of the collection.  So Liby-Phonician spearmen, Libyan Skirmisers and elephants.

The final part will be the Gauls, another stand alone army but all part of the greater Punic plan to smash Rome!!

It is a shame that Corvus Bellie did not do Republican Roman to match these ranges...

Finally I would like to thank James Roach of fame for his inspirational blog that has driven and guided this project.  Check out his blog is is amazing!

Sunday, 12 May 2013


There will another batch of commission work pictures tomorrow.  These are the figures I painted the last time I was away working.

My routine is paint at work, base at home.

So despite the lack on WIP pictures I have been busy.

24 Punic heavy infantry

18 ancient Spanish cavalry

24 Ottoman Cavalry and 36 Ottoman infantry in 2 weeks, so not too bad.

On the painting table now is my last batch of Spanish cavalry and command, 25 figures in all, the largest batch of. Cavalry that I have done in one go.

Once they are finished, hopefully in two days time that will be my ancient Spanish forces finished.  That will be a second fully army that will make up a very large Carthaginian Army.

Next for this army will be the Liby-Phonecians.  Mainly African spear, skirmishes and elephants, lots of them.....well about 6 anyway.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

French Napoleonic, Commission

The latest and probably the last paint jobs for Al in his FOG Napoleonic collection.
Here is a unit of Swiss Infantry, 3rd Regiment I think.  French style uniforms but in red, a little different

French foot artillery howitzer.

 The last ones a unit of French Guard Lancers, 2nd 'Dutch' Lancers I think.  I am not sure of the make of these figures but they were quite nice to paint.

I'm getting into taking photos of my figures with a white back ground, I think it makes them stand out more...just need a decent camera as these are being taken on my new IPad lol 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

More 'Black Orcs'

Here are the latest batch of my ever expanding 15mm Fantasy, the only scale to play out these epic struggles'.

Saying that these figures are about 18mm and quite stocky, hence Black Orcs or Great Orcs.

The models themselves are from the Blood Dawn range supplied by Magistar Militair.  They are lovely models and paint up very well.

In this batch we have 2 1/2 infantry units and 1 wild boar unit.

They are based on 80mmx40mm and 2 bases to a standard unit.

Personally I favour the fan generated Hail Caesar Fantasy rules, the Hail Caesar rules themselves are very good and easily adapted to the fantasy genre.  However they could happily be used in many rule systems that do not require individual or element removal.

A little word about the bases, they were bought from Tiny Tin Troopers and come pre magnabased and they are just great. The cost of the bases works out the same when compared with buying pre cut bases and magnetic strips yourself!  Well worth the money.