Tuesday, 30 April 2013

ACW Confederates

So after spending my evenings away at work painting, I spent some evenings at home basing.  Here is my 10mm Confederates, there are 7 units of foot and 2 batteries of guns.

They are based on 30mm x 30mm and I intend to use them for Black Powder, apparently there is going to be a proper ACW supplement.
I also have the option of using them for Sam Mustapha's new 'Longstreet' rules but I don't know much about them yet but it appears that the 'unit' could be quite large, so we shall wait and see.

These miniatures are all Pendarken and are just fantastic, I could not recommend them highly enough.

The painting method is quite basic, they were sprayed Army Painter Uniform Grey, then the details and  other uniform colours were added.  They were then given a coat of Army Painter 'Dark Tone' wash.
Once they were based and flocked they were given a spray coat of Army Painter 'Anti-Shine' varnish.  The combination of the wash and the varnish should also give them plenty of protection.

Obviously I still have the flags to add but that will be done once the army is completed.
I have now purchased enough metal for the rest of the army and will be working my way through them 
whilst I am away.

As always comments more than welcome, good or bad! lol

I'm Back

Ok I am back at work after a very busy 6 weeks at home with the family.  Not too much gaming related stuff achieved at home as my wife had an operation and my little boy had chicken pox, don't you just hate real life some time.

However I did manage to base up all the stuff I painted during my last stint at work and the rest of my Ancient Spanish.

I will post a selection of photos of those finished figures and obviously the painting has begun now I have settled in here in my bunker.

A new project has begun, Ottoman Empire, I want to be able to use this for FOG Renaissance and Maurice......more to follow.

Monday, 29 April 2013

PAW review

Check out the link to a show review of this years PAW, a good review for a great show.  Hope you make it next year.