Friday, 20 January 2012

New Painting Style for Napoleonics

Ok I have decided to paint some Napoleonic for Black Powder and after reading another blog I changed my painting style. Although I said I was going to use Army Painter Dark Shade, i was too wary to carry this out so I used GW Black wash and I must say I am happy with the results.
Firstly I undercoated white, not my usual black.
Second was the block painting of the horse and rider. This was a little strange for me as I usually dry brush everything.

So here they are together fully block painted, now this definitely does not float my boat and one of the reasons I wargame is that I like nicely painted minitures.
But after a wash of GW Black wash and then highlight the white bits, just for effect the finished unit passes muster!
So a unit of Bavarian Cavalry ready to take to the field.

Dwarf Flying Corps.....

Some of the last elements to my Dwarf Army, this will be the first fantasy army I have finished basically the ranges keep expanding and I just want MORE!!!!

These models, as with the rest of the army are from the fantastic Demonworld range of figures which are now being recast by Ral Patha Europe and are just the best sculpts you could hope to find.

Obviously the designer has drawn his inspiration from the great Leonardo, the Divinchi not DeCaprio!
The flyers come in two types
Blunderbuss and

I am not sure how to represent the difference on the gaming table under Hail Caesar rules but I am sure I will figure it out.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Gaming in 2012

Ok 2012 has started well and I have managed to get a game in two weekends in a row. The first game was Hail Caesar, which I lost and the second was Dystopian Wars, which I won with my wonderful Prussian Empire fleet!

I really like the Dystopian Wars system although it can tale a little while to get used to the rules but once you do it is a fast fun game and the models are absolutely stunning. As well as my own fleet I have painted Al Cox's Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet, the one I beat on Sunday. They are a joy to paint and he has asked me to do another 4 units for his fleet and make a start on his land forces. As well as the Dystopian Wars stuff he also handed me three boxes of 15mm Napoleonics to organize and paint, so I will be busy.

On a personal front my own Flames of War Soviets have received their first tanks, 5 T34/85s, the 15mm Dwarves are nearly all painted and based and the Bavarian Cavalry Regiment is done.

Photos to follow soon, I hope.......

Monday, 2 January 2012


Well it is now 2012 and the time to set new aims and start new projects or indeed finish some old ones!

The year has started well and I have nearly completed my 15mm Fantasy Dwarf army, only 4 more units to paint and then basing to complete.

This year's projects will be 15mm Fantasy (obviously), Macedonian, Late Carthaginian Army, Dystopian Wars Prussians, I have received a large shipment of models ready to paint and 15mm Napoleonic.

Now I am not saying I will not be distracted on the way but you have to start with some aims in mind.

Lets look forward to a good 2012!!